Non civitatis, fed urbit

Networked Subject is an independent, boutique Urbit star service and a collection of Urbit information and tutorials.

What is Urbit?

Urbit is:

You can read more details here, or in the official documentation.

What is this blog?

This blog exists as a public face for this star operation, and is intended to be a repository of high quality, maintained information and tutorials related to Urbit. NetSub also has a public group on Urbit: ~matwet/networked-subject

What is a planet?

A planet is an address on the Urbit network meant for an individual instance of Urbit OS, which is owned by a person cryptographically – like Bitcoin. A planet acts as a personal server with an encrypted, P2P stack underpinning all software running on it. A planet has a unique name like ~fanner-ronwyx; it’s like a combination of an email and IP address. Planets are both issued and ‘sponsored’ by stars, which perform peer discovery and NAT traversal for them.

Do I need a planet to use Urbit?

Nope! You can use a self-signed urbit called a comet that can do almost everything a planet can (for now). You should spin one up today: instructions are available for macOS, Linux, Windows, and setting one up on a remote server for free.

What is a star?

Stars are infrastructure that issue individual addresses and perform peer discovery and other services for those addresses on the Urbit network. Networked Subject hosts a star called ~matwet. For now, ~matwet remains local-scale and hobby-grade, but is hosted in a high-uptime datacenter and will develop organically to service its residents.

Can I buy a planet from you?

Yes! 20USD in ETH or BTC for a random planet; 40USD for a specific one. Join ~matwet/networked-subject, DM ~sitful-hatred, or DM on Twitter.

Buying a planet includes basic technical support to get you set up, but Networked Subject does not presently offer hosting – you’ll need to run it on your PC or a rented Linux server. Urbit is a static binary that runs on Linux, macOS, or WSL2.

Networked Subject is one of several independent providers that offer planets and services. You can see more here.

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This site’s contents are also available on Urbit, where you can post comments and chat. Join ~matwet/networked-subject .