Urbit planet sales & service providers

Below is a non-authoritative list of known Urbit providers. Note that this information is not definitive for any provider besides Networked Subject. If you have a correction, or are aware of a provider that isn’t listed here, please let us know.

Remember that you don’t need a planet to use Urbit! You can boot a comet for free today, even on Windows, and even hosted on a server for free.

Be sure to check whether your sponsor is online before purchase, or you will have diminished or no ability to communicate with the rest of the network! Hosting & sponsorship fees refer to recurring costs denoted in monthly rate.

Provider Planet cost Hosting fee (/mo) Sponsorship or subscription fee (/mo) Notes
Escape Pod Store Unknown Unknown Unknown Full hosting provider & one-off sales; BTC/ETH/Ravencoin/fiat
Get Urbit ID Incl. w/ hosting 20USD No Full hosting provider; CC payment
Networked subject 20/40USD NA No ETH or BTC
OpenSea Var. NA No Make sure the sponsor is online! ETH only
Planet.market ~20USD NA No ETH only
Tlon Forthcoming Forthcoming Forthcoming Full hosting provider (Waitlist referral)
Urbit.live 20USD NA No Network & sigil explorer; ETH only
Urbit Marketplace 30USD NA No Offline sponsor?
Urbit.me Var. NA No Sigil picker tool; ETH only
Urth Systems Incl. w/ subscription NA 5USD/mo Free planet with 3mo group subscription; macOS app; ETH only

You can find directions for going from purchase to booting here. Note that after purchasing a planet from any provider, you will need an additional small amount of ETH to pay transaction fees to transfer your planet to a paper wallet before you can download a keyfile necessary to boot for the first time.